Receive rent online with minimal effort
  • Simply provide the code to your renters, and they do the rest  
Issue refunds and make other payments online

Register any number of properties, units and bank accounts

Set multiple users with different rights 

  • Let multiple users log in as the landlord
  • You specify who the users are and what their rights are
  • You can cancel or modify user rights any time

Suspend a renter if they are no longer active

Search transactions and create Excel reports

  • Search for transactions using a variety of filters
  • Export reports to Excel
  • Import rent rolls in Excel for easier loading

Customize e-mail notifications

  • Receive timely payment notifications
  • Decide which notifications to get, and when (daily, weekly, monthly)

Print a notice to get your properties started



Schedule payments now, later, or automatically every month

Receive security deposit refunds and other credits online

Receive convenient reminder notifications prior to a scheduled payment

View their transaction history



Absolute security of information

  • 128-bit SSL certification
  • 99.9% server reliability
  • Certifications from trusted sources

Full privacy

  • No one’s financial account information is disclosed to the other party
  • We don’t spam or provide your data to third parties

Great customer service

  • 24/7 e-mail service
  • Phone service from 1-5 pm EST M-F