Step 1, Step 2 ... THAT WAS EASY!

Step 1

* You, the landlord, register your properties, units and bank accounts. After we validate your account, we will provide you with a unique identifying code which you can provide all your renters and other users you'd like to empower to act on your behalf.

Step 2

* Your renter will sign in using your unique code, provide his or her account information and specify timing (now, later, auto debit). You don't need to collect any written authorization forms from them – they give permission to debit their account to us, online!

And then

* We take care of the rest. We provide notification to both parties of payments initiated. Payments take 4 business days to deposit into your account.

In the meantime, you can take advantage of a number of sophisticated features normally available only in far more expensive services ...

  • Customize notifications ... get e-mail notifications when you want them
  • Pull reports using a variety of filters and export to Excel
  • Add or delete an unlimited number of properties, units, residents and bank accounts. Make rent roll entry easier by importing from an Excel worksheet