No set-up fees. No monthly fees. No transaction minimums.

Just a simple, per transaction fee!

Either the landlord or the renter pays for the service.

Landlord pay option

You get billed each month based on a flat rate per transaction.

The more business you do with us, the more you reduce our cost to serve you ... so we give it back to you through progressively lower flat rates based on volume. This means you dont have to guess how many transactions youll generate for this service to be worthwhile to you, or which service option to sign up for. Instead, you can rest assured that no matter how many transactions you generate, we will be giving you the very best pricing on the web!

Monthly fee structure:

Transactions Fee*
1 - 4 $3.00
5 - 9 $2.75
10 - 19 $2.50
20 - 29 $2.25
30 - 39 $2.00
40 - 49 $1.75
50 - 74 $1.50
75 & up $1.00






Use our calculator to estimate how much this will cost you per month:

Estimated # of transactions per month: Average cost per transaction:


Renter pay option

$3.00 per transaction

NSF fee

We will charge the renter a $25 NSF fee if their account is over-drawn or the payment is rejected by their bank for any reason. This is our charge to them, and is separate from any late fee you may charge them. You will be notified whenever a renters payment is rejected.

* Incremental fee per transaction